Spring in France

Why a Spring Camping Holiday in France is a Fantastic Idea

After a long cold, dark and wet winter in the UK many people seek somewhere warm and sunny for a holiday. Places like the Canary Islands, Rhodes and Cyprus are always popular. However we think you should consider France.

Spring Weather in France

Mont Blanc France

France is a large country with different weather found in various parts. The high mountains in the Alps will have snow and are still open for snow sports. But a sunny day in a ski resort can be very warm and you will find people sun bathing. In the North of France the weather will be much like the South of England with warmer weather, chilly evenings and occasional showers. If you travel to places like Nice in the South you will find that most days are warm enough to sit at the beach. There is the chance of rain but it is likely that the weather will be better than a Scottish summer. In Nice in May you can expect highs of around 20 degrees.

French Scenery in the Spring

France is beautiful in Spring. The countryside is full of spring flowers and trees with blossom. If you are interested in walking or cycling the temperature will be pleasant for your activities. Everywhere will be quieter than in the summer and France will be looking its best.
Spring in France

Sightseeing in France

Perigord Dordogne

France is very popular in the summer months with tourists. All the famous sites, museums and places of interest become crowded and queues become long. In Spring you can enjoy wandering around beautiful old villages, and visiting museums with only a few other tourists. This is especially ideal if you have young children or are elderly and don’t like standing for a long time.


French Campsites

Luxury camping cottage in France by France Break

Staying in a French campsite doesn’t always mean camping in a tent. At France Break we have a wide selection of high quality self-catering mobile homes and cottages for you to rent. This means you can enjoy campsite life but be warm and cosy in the chillier evenings or if it does rain.

The campsites will be a little quieter at this time of year when children are still at school so you can enjoy a more peaceful and quiet experience.

Toddler friendly camping in France
It is a great time to visit France if you have young children as you won’t need to worry about sunburn so much but you will be able to get outside in the fresh air.

In Spring you will often find that your accommodation has been renovated over the winter and is fresh and clean ready for the new tourist season.

We believe a Spring camping holiday in France is ideal for everyone but in particular:

  • Elderly people who want a warm temperature that is not too hot.
  • People who want an active holiday. Cycling and walking in Spring is quieter and the temperature is perfect.
  • Anyone looking for a relatively cheap holiday. Prices are cheaper in the Spring.
  • Young families wanting quieter campsites or holiday villages, and cooler temperatures than the summer.
  • People interested in flowers, trees and the countryside. France is alive in the Spring. By summer some of the greenery may have gone in the heat of the South.

If you would like further advice on where would be the best place in France for you to visit, then please get in touch with our knowledgeable staff.

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